This paper highlights differences in the professional cultures and ways of working of researchers and transport agency planners and engineers. Transport agency professionals involved in the Te Ara Mua – Future Streets project were output driven and used a fairly linear process – design, procure, deliver to available budget. By contrast the researcher tended to be innovation and equity driven, and were willing to take time to execute an effective participatory design process and secure additional funding. These differences contributed to frustrations on both sides and timeline and funding delays. However, ultimately both groups recognised their differences and came together to secure funding and deliver an innovative street intervention. Access
Witten, K., Mackie, H., Baas, P., Macmillan, A., Woodward, A., Smith, M., Hosking, J., & Field, A. (2017). Te Ara Mua-Future Streets: An Encounter with Business-As-Usual Transport Planning. Journal of Transport & Health, 5, S51-S52.