The aim of this research was to identify which types of changes to people’s environments (e.g., increased access to destinations, better walking infrastructure, etc.) through intervention or moving increase physical activity. We undertook a systematic review, involving detailed scanning and quality assessment of local and international literature. Provision of quality parks and playgrounds, and a range of changes to the environment to make it easier to walk or cycle (e.g., improving crossings and footpaths and calming traffic) were linked with increases in physical activity and getting around actively. Access
Smith, M., Hosking, J., Woodward, A., Witten, K., MacMillan, A., Field, A., Baas, P., & Mackie, H. (2017). Systematic literature review of built environment effects on physical activity and active transport–an update and new findings on health equity. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 14(1), 158.