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Lessons for the future

Te Ara Mua – Future Streets has shown how an integrated approach to community transport infrastructure can be taken to achieve road safety, walking and cycling, and community improvements all within one project.

Talking with communities to understand what is needed, and then using this to design improvements is another lesson for other projects. More is needed to work with communities through the entire process, to understand the parts of the designs that people might have problems with.

For some things that are new to communities, such as cycling, more is needed to overcome barriers and to make cycling an easy option for people.

In many communities, changes to streets, parks and routes need to be combined with other efforts to manage dogs and help people, especially women and girls, fell safer in their neighbourhoods.

Te Ara Mua – Future Streets is a great start to show how things can be done differently. There is much more to be done in Māngere and South Auckland, to make streets safer and easier for walking and cycling.