The barriers and enablers to delivering innovative street design are examined in this book chapter using a ‘socio-technical systems’ approach. Five different innovative street re-design projects were compared, including Te Ara Mua Future Streets. Factors that affected the delivery of these projects included leadership, funding, and entrenched ways of working. In order to influence street design more widely, the authors suggest that innovative projects need to be part of government planning systems to help them manage investment risk and test future scenarios. Access
Mackie, H., Hirsch, L., Thorne, R., Witten, K., & Field, A. (2021). Creating the Circuit Breakers: An Examination of the Sociotechnical System Factors Which Impede and Enable the Delivery of Safe and Healthy Neighbourhood Street Design in Aotearoa New Zealand. In S. Coxon, R. Napper (Eds.), Advancing a Design Approach to Enriching Public Mobility (1st ed., pp. 249-274). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.