Covid-19 Update – Project resuming

Mar 10, 2021

The past year has been a time of huge upheaval and uncertainty for people as a result of COVID. We know this has changed people’s lives everywhere, including in Māngere. It’s meant job losses and changes to work, homelife, schooling, socializing, church going, gatherings at marae and all the other important parts of people’s lives.

It’s also changed how people get around, which is what we’re interested in for this project. Because of the initial lockdown, we weren’t able to carry on with our study and had to put off our follow-up data collection for 12 months. We’re now hoping to restart that data collection in March, but will be paying very close attention to the changing COVID levels, and we have strict plans in place to ensure everyone is kept safe during the research activities.

 So long as we can work with people safely, we will be out and about in Māngere for the coming months. Keep an eye out for our team doing the face-to-face surveys with households in Māngere Central and Māngere East.

We look forward to understanding more about how the street changes that the people of Māngere took part in designing have changed things for people.