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Who are we?

Te Ara Mua – Future Streets is a partnership between seven research organisations, who are working to design the street changes and understand their impact, and Auckland Transport, who will implement the changes and collaborate in the design. There are a number of other individuals and organisations who are also contributing significantly to the project.


Te Ara Mua – Future Streets Research Team:

  • TERNZ Transport Research (Peter Baas)
  • Mackie Research and Consulting (Hamish Mackie)
  • University of Auckland (Jamie Hosking, Joanna Stewart, Alistair Woodward)
  • AUT University (Melody Oliver)
  • Massey University (Karen Witten)
  • University of Otago (Alex Macmillan)
  • Dovetail (Adrian Field)

Auckland Transport Project Team:

  • Matthew Rednall
  • Melanie Alexander
  • Keith Pauw
  • Chris Beasley
  • Duncan Rothwell
  • Graeme Bean
  • Debbie Lang

Community and Maori/Pacific Advisors:

  • Lydia Sosene
  • Rau Hoskins
  • Lina Samu
  • Paula Roberts
  • Malakai Ofanoa
  • Julie Wade
  • Teuila Percival