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What will the street changes look like?

The street changes are not intended to be ‘business as usual’. To achieve the outcomes we are seeking, a range of design elements has been considered to manage traffic behaviour and improve walking and cycling opportunities. Some of these might not be in current design manuals, but show promise based on overseas evidence.

Plans include:

  • High quality cycle and pedestrian connections.
  • Street changes that modify traffic behaviour using Self Explaining Roads and Smart Roads principles
  • Safe routes to school
  • Local destinations focusing on the needs of people and communities. This may include re-designing areas around schools and shops to optimise walking access.
  • Integration with the wider transport network including public transport and arterial corridors.

The uniqueness of the project comes from bringing together world-leading design concepts in an area-wide community-focused intervention, to maximise behaviour change and safety outcomes in a cost-effective manner. A key part of the project is our commitment to ensuring a high level of community engagement.

We have been working with the Māngere community to develop the the Te Ara Mua – Future Streets draft designs. We value your input and encourage interested people to get involved and provide feedback. Click here to go to the Auckland Transport website for Te Ara Mua – Future Streets, and click here to share your views