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Where is the project area?

Mãngere Central was chosen following an intensive selection process across Auckland. The process took into account neighbourhood connectivity, road safety, potential to benefit the local community and willingness by the community to jointly participate in the project. Mãngere East will be used as a control area and will receive changes to their streets at a later date.


Map 1. Project area where streets will be changed.


Map 2. Control area, to receive street changes at a later date.


Data will be collected in the project areas before and after changes are made. These measures include:

  • Physical activity, particularly walking and cycling
  • Road accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • How people use the streets
  • Traffic speeds
  • Changes in traffic flows
  • Residents’ perceptions of safety

We will explore not only how these affect the whole Mãngere population, but also how they affect different people in Mãngere, such as older or younger people, or different ethnic groups.